Properly preparing the surface is of utmost importance when it comes to installing tiles. This crucial step guarantees that the surface being worked upon is not only smooth and clean, but also level. By doing so, it ensures that the tiles are installed evenly and securely, promoting proper adhesion to the surface.

To prevent the tiles from shifting or moving due to expansion and contraction, we exclusively utilize Schluter Ditra on all wooden subfloors. Additionally, self-leveling cement is employed to even out any uneven areas or depressions, further enhancing the floor preparation process.

When it comes to shower preparation, we employ a combination of Schluter Kerdi on the base and liquid waterproofing on the walls. This meticulous approach guarantees a thorough watertight seal, ensuring the longevity and quality of the shower installation.


Planning the layout for tile installation is crucial as it enables us to arrange the tiles in a manner that minimizes wastage, reduces the need for excessive cuts, and guarantees a visually harmonious and balanced final installation.

This practice ensures that the tiles will fit accurately in the designated area and enables us to make any essential modifications before initiating the installation process. Furthermore, pre-determining the layout can aid in identifying potential concerns with the subfloor, ceiling, or other underlying surfaces, allowing us to address them beforehand.


To ensure precise measurements and cuts, accurate leveling and spacing we use only high quality known tools for our tile installation process.

Our expert team meticulously selects the suitable setting materials for each specific project. We employ specialized mortars designed for large and heavy tiles, as well as mortars specifically formulated for ceiling tiling. We conduct a thorough assessment of the project requirements to ensure we only utilize top-quality installation materials sourced from reputable companies.


Once the installation of the tiles is finished, our team diligently carries out the task of cleaning all surfaces covered with tiles. Additionally, we take the extra step of applying top-notch grout sourced from reputable companies like Mapei and Laticrete. In the case of bathrooms, we pay close attention to detail by caulking all interior seams once the grout has properly cured. To further enhance the aesthetics, we also offer the option of applying colored caulking that perfectly matches the grout color. To ensure the long-term durability of the grout, we recommend applying a sealer to all floor grout. This acts as a protective shield, preventing any liquids from seeping into the grout, which can lead to gradual discoloration and deterioration over time. Moreover, the sealer facilitates easier cleaning of the grout lines.


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