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Small Format Tile Installation-Ontario

Small Tiles, Infinite Beauty: Transforming Spaces Seamlessly.

Small format tiles are not just a design choice; they are a statement. At Mallet Tile Installation, we recognize the distinctive charm these tiles bring to spaces such as kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, fireplaces, and other small-area renovations. Our commitment to providing a wide variety of colours, textures, shapes, sizes, and materials ensures that you find the perfect fit for your home. Whether you lean towards classic timelessness or modern trends, our small format tiles are perfect for designing your dreams into reality.

Let’s Craft Your Dream Space with Glorious Small Tiles

Our Range of Small Format Tiles

Small format tiles are more than just a decorative element; they are the epitome of style and sophistication. At Mallet Tile Installation, we understand how every unique space needs a unique and luxurious look, which is why we offer installation of a wide range of tile options to suit your unique taste and preferences.

Why Choose Us for Small Format Tile Installation?

Premium Quality Materials and Exhaustive Planning

Quality is paramount at Mallet Tile, which is why we use only the highest-quality materials. Before installation, we meticulously plan and exhaustively focus on tile layouts, ensuring a flawless execution that stands the test of time.

Creative Designs with Existing Tiles

At Mallet Tile, we go beyond installation; we create art with tiles. Our team can craft creative designs using existing tiles, giving your space a unique and personalized touch.

Seamless and Timeless Finishes

We understand the importance of longevity in design. Our use of colour caulking in showers ensures a seamless and age-resistant finish. The grout matching colour caulking maintains the project's integrity, providing a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

MITRE Expertise

Our tile professionals excel in MITRE cutting, creating a seamless finish for outside corners, niches, and shower curbs. They cut tiles at a 45-degree angle and seamlessly join them for outside corners, specifically tailored for niches and shower curbs. The result? Flawless, uninterrupted lines that redefine sophistication.

Curbless Showers with Elegance

We elevate your shower experience with our ability to create curbless showers using carefully chosen tiles. The result is a glossy and modern aesthetic that not only enhances ease of access but also adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom space.

It's Time to Create Maximum Impact with Small Tiles

Step – 1

Initial Consultation

Begin your small format tile journey with a thorough consultation. We discuss your vision, preferences, and project requirements to personalize our installation services to your unique needs.

Step – 2

Layout Planning

Our team meticulously plans the layout, considering patterns, dimensions, and visual appeal. This step ensures a flawless installation that exceeds your expectations.

Step – 3


Before installation begins, we prepare the surface with precision. Our attention to detail ensures a stable foundation for the small format tiles.

Step – 4


The installation process is where our expertise shines. With skilled tile installers and a commitment to perfection, we bring your vision to life, tile by tile.

Step – 5

Final Inspection

We conduct a thorough final inspection to guarantee that every tile is in place, the layout is flawless, and the finished product meets our high standards of quality.

Our Small Format Tile Installation Process

Ready for a Luxurious Ambiance?

Choose Mallet Tile Installation for a transformative experience in small format tiles installation. Witness the fusion of our creativity, precision, and quality in your home. Let your space tell a story of elegance and sophistication with our small format tile installations. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a space that hits the spotlight.


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